Joana Raquel Da Cruz Soares - Food Wave

Joana Raquel Da Cruz Soares

27, Portugal, Custóias Workshop – Eating Cities

I was happy to be part of a group of 63 Participants coming from 23 countries whose goal was to write a joint statement addressed to the UK Presidency of COP26. I firmly believe that we need more events like this to work together to fill up the gaps with knowledge from different backgrounds.

How do you address climate change?
Share with us your “recipe”!

Personally, I changed a lot of how I do things (you't can preach or lead without giving the example), kept on reading and watching documentaries about this problematic, tried to find events and initiatives like this one and spread the word whenever I can.

There’s only one outcome of this game, winning, so I urge you to start playing the game.

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