Ammar Hdaifeh - Food Wave

Ammar Hdaifeh

28, France, Nantes Food & Climate Shapers bot Camp

I have studied international Master degree in Health and Food Risk in France, also I have participated as Food & Climate Shapers (Food innovation program). I am passionate about turning research results into products in order to reduce global food waste and to make keep this planet safe for our chil

How do you address climate change?
Share with us your “recipe”!

Change the diet; more fruits and vegetables and less meat and dairy, For Sustainable Food Future: people who consume high amounts of meat and dairy, shifting to diets with a greater share of plant-based foods could significantly reduce agriculture’s pressure on the environment

Reduce global food waste will make keep this planet safe for our children as the result a positive impact for climate change. Ranking foods from lowest (plant-based foods) to highest impact (beef), as well as the Shift Wheel, to help move billions of people to more sustainable diets.

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