Giulia Secci - Food Wave

Giulia Secci

26, Italy, Milan I took part in the first School of Activism “Cibo, Clima e Città” hosted by Mani Tese, with ACRA, ActionAid and the Municipality of Milan (Nov 14th - Dec 12th 2020)

It has been a really positive experience. I got the possibility to do some network by getting to know many young activists and experts. I also had the opportunity to learn more about the correlation between food, climate change and the impact of human activities in an urban environment.

How do you address climate change?
Share with us your “recipe”!

I don't know if it could help fight climate change, nonetheless my "recipe" comprises small daily actions that I hope will contribute in building a healthier environment. As an example, I try to eat local and seasonal food, and I started lessening the amount of meat and fish I usually eat.

It is never too late to do good, but it will be if you do nothing.

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