ACRA's new educational kit for young people towards the climate negotiations - Food Wave

ACRA’s new educational kit for young people towards the climate negotiations

21 October 2021

ACRA launched the educational kit for young people “Workshop on food, climate and the UN Climate Change Conference – COP26 (lang: ITA), realized within the project Food Wave project.
In line with the objectives of the project, which aims to increase the knowledge, awareness and commitment of young people on sustainable models of consumption and food behaviour, the workshop illustrated in the kit aims to bring young people closer to the United Nations negotiations on climate change to be held in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November 2021. The Glasgow meetings have a particular relevance for Italy as they were be preceded by two important events hosted in Milan: PRE-COP26 – Summit of ministerial delegates from 35-40 countries of the World in preparation for the Glasgow negotiations.

Youth COP – Summit involving of 400 young people committed to climate change from 197 countries around the world.
The kit, designed as a ready-to-use introduction to the theme, is available free of charge to teachers, educators, facilitators, tutors who want to bring young people aged 15 to 25 years old closer to the theme of climate change, while making them aware of the importance of these international events. With a focus on the link between food production, distribution, consumption and the climate crisis, the course aims to raise awareness among young people and mobilise them in view of a key phase in the international climate negotiations, which are decisive in curbing climate change.

The course is structured in two phases: an introduction to the theme, consisting of six activities for a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes, and several optional mobilisation activities. Each activity, complete with all the annexes needed to carry it out, has a description sheet that includes the type of activity, the themes covered, the duration, the method of implementation , the material needed, as well as instructions for teacher/tutor/educator. All the activities proposed are based on playful, participative and interactive methodologies, also suitable for non-formal educational contexts.
Imagined as a training tool to be used in formal and non-formal educational contexts, the “Workshop on food, climate and the UN Climate Change Conference – COP26” therefore aims to provide a practical tool for those involved in education to include a global perspective in Education for Global and Active Citizenship.


The kit, available on the Food Wave and ACRA websites, was also presented during the live broadcast of Radio ACRA on Share Radio, within the event “Feed your Future!” at BASE Milano: you can find the full recording of the broadcast here.