The 2nd Eating City - Online workshop - Food Wave

The 2nd Eating City – Online workshop


Partner: Risteco - Eating City
Country of implementation: Global

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What is the objective?

The workshop will highlight the impact that the “out-of-home food consumption” sector can provide in the fight against climate change and will be be aimed at sharing a common declaration drafted together by all the participants. The two-days intense programme includes inspirational guest speakers, plenary sessions, thematic working groups, writing working groups, and the opportunity for the participants to share their perspective by delivering personal pitches.


Who can participate?

The workshop is open to up to 50 participants, between 18 and 35 years old, working and/or studying around food sustainability and climate change.

Chefs, Gastronomists, Nutritionists, Food Procurement Officers, F&B Buyers, Farmers, Fishermen, Foodies, young professional: anyone working or studying around food and climate change issues is invited to apply!

How to apply

Applications via email must be sent by mail to no later than March 26th 2021.

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