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Food Wave Picnic

Partner: City of Milan
Country of implementation: 16 EU Member States involved in the Food Wave Project: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, France, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK plus Brasil

About the event

On 18 June 2023 – International Picnic Day – the Food Wave community took over Europe’s city parks to celebrate together a moment of sharing and create awareness on sustainable production and consumption of food with a big international live event.

The picnic has been an amazing opportunity to discuss food systems and climate change, but also to get to know each other, share good practices and, above all, have fun!

Take a look at the map to find out about all the picnics organised by the community and project partners.


Here are the instructions our community followed to make their own sustainable picnic.


To take part is simple: follow these steps and choose whether to join a picnic that you can find on the map or create one in your city.

Pic nic steps


Sign up for one of the picnics on the map or start one in your city. You can organise it in a public park, in your backyard or in the courtyard of the association you belong to.

Path Path
Pic nic steps


Download the digital kit to promote the event, get your friends involved in organizing it or invite them to start their own picnic. If you have chosen to join one of the events on the map, you can contact those responsible to prepare for the event with them.

Pic nic steps


Get ready to participate: while waiting for 18 June, think about your answer to the question you will find in the digital kit you will receive once you sign up - and that will help your group in the discussion during the picnic. On the day of the event, share your experience on social media using the tag @foodwaveproject and hashtags #FoodWavePicnic, #InternationalPicnicDay.

Food Wave Report

Food Wave
Picnic report

Discover the results of this great international activation through the data collected.


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