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Empowering youth for climate action


Partner: ICLEI European Secretariat
Country of implementation: Italy

How do I get involved?

All you have to do is pick one of the following three topics of climate action and answer, in a video of maximum 60 seconds, to these questions:


To meet the objectives set by the Paris Agreement: 

  • What would your climate action be?
  • What would you need from policy makers in order to make it happen? 


Sustainable food system

Sustainable food systems are a 360° approach to food, from production to consumption. Their target is to provide healthy food available for everyone equally, while respecting the planet and its diversity and its boundaries, considering the emerging challenges of fighting climate change. 


Fair ecological transition

The ecological transition is a broad concept that relates to the shift from the current energy, agri-food and industrial systems to more sustainable options that includes among the others renewable energy, local production and circular economy. Beside the environmental impact, such a change also implies social and economic consequences. This is why it is important to make sure that climate action should be inclusive and fair, thus not leaving anyone behind.


Engagement in climate policy making

Youth participation in decision-and policy-making processes is vital to provide a different perspective, new ideas and ultimately secure the success of climate action. Young citizens should have a role in  proposing, drafting, commenting or voting new provisions related with climate action.

Have your say!

Fill in the form below with your information, upload the video and write a short presentation of your speech. You can also share the video on your social media tagging @foodwaveproject and using the following hashtags:  

#All4ClimateItaly | #ICLEI_Europe | #uplift_youth | #TogetherForOurPlanet | #PreCOP26 | #FoodWaveProject

Visualizations, sharings or likes on social media are not considered as criteria of evaluation. Participants are entitled to the ownership of their creative submissions and will receive full credit on all promotion platforms.

What happens then?

After you send your submission below an international jury of experts from ICLEI Europe and Food Wave will select the 6 winners, two for each topic. In case of selection, you will be contacted directly by the organizers.

The evaluation from the experts will be based on the following criteria: clarity of the message, pertinence of the message, relevance of the  message, innovation of the message.

Please, notice that the number of visualizations, sharings and/or likes will not be considered in the evaluation

What is the prize?

The 6 selected applicants will be invited to actively participate in the online discussion “Empowering Youth for Climate Action” with local and European policymakers. During the event, which will take place on September 29th, the winners will be able to expand their video-concept in a 3-minutes pitch and trigger  the discussion among the invited speakers.

The outcomes of the discussion will be also widely amplified after the event through Food Wave and ICLEI social media and communication channels.

Useful resources

Empowering youth for climate action

Are you ready to make your voice heard? Fill out the form, upload your video and show the power of your idea in the fight against climate change.

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