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Play ‘Bye Bye CO2’ and say goodbye to the most environmentally impactful foods

8 November 2021


Do you know the relationship between food and climate change? Test yourself with “Bye Bye CO2“, an online game with which the Madrid City Council, through the Directorate General for Sustainability and Environmental Control, celebrated World Food Day (October 16) and the International Year of Fruit and Vegetables established by the FAO. “Bye Bye CO2” targets secondary, professional education and high school students and is specifically designed to increase awareness of the impact of greenhouse gases in the processes of producing, handling, packaging, transporting and selling food to the public.

The challenge: make your shopping more sustainable

On the home screen you’ll find instructions for playing the game. You will be shown the available products and by clicking on them you can choose between two options: one more sustainable than the other. You will have a CO2 budget in each store that will be deducted from each product if the purchase is correct. It won’t take you long to fill your cart because the estimated duration of the game is about five minutes, with a total of twenty choices. Play now!


Healthy and sustainable cooking workshop

As part of World Food Day (October 15), the Department of Environmental Education organized a sustainable and healthy cooking workshop, “Lo cocino, no lo tiro“. The workshop was held in the center of the Asociación Norte Joven (part of the Food Wave project since 2020) in the Fuencarral-El Pardo district, a training center that offers basic professional training and courses for social and professional integration. The free workshop, in which twenty students between the ages of 16 and 29 participated, aims to raise awareness about the relationship between food and climate change. With this purpose, an activist from the Food Wave community of Madrid has specifically prepared a three-course menu with organic, local and seasonal ingredients, following sustainable cooking criteria to make the most of food while trying to waste as little as possible.