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Food Wave street actions “hit” Turin: the eight award-winning projects

27 January 2022


Young people from Turin will move to the squares and in the neighbourhoods of the city in order to raise awareness on environmental issues and to promote sustainable production and consumption models of food. The 8 projects admitted to the financing of the call “Street Actions”, launched by the City of Turin – within the framework of Food Wave – will see six youth associations and two informal groups of young people engaged in creative and performing actions that will temporarily transform streets and public spaces, actively involving the citizens. In order to strengthen youth associations and guarantee a greater impact of the activities on the territory, the City of Torino will contribute with its own funds to the financing of 3 of the selected projects. The actions will take place between January and November 2022, with a variety of events: parades, flash mobs, community dinners and lunches, tactical urbanism, urban horticulture and self-production workshops.

Let’s discover them:

Food Fest

The association Generativa! will organise a dance and music parade through the stalls and streets of the Porta Palazzo market, involving citizens in the collection of unsold food at the end of the market, which will be used for a community dinner. Fighting food waste, responsible food consumption and culture of reuse will be the key themes of the initiative.


Bee Waves

Bees are the undisputed protagonists of pollination and directly contribute to one-third of the food we eat. This is the premise behind the Bee Wave group’s initiative to raise awareness of the importance of bees in food production. The project will include tastings of dishes made with products that depend on pollination; making and launching of “seed bombs”; and “bee bioblitzes”, days to observe and recognise the different types of bees.



With the aim of raising awareness among citizens about reducing waste and wastefulness, about self-production and circularity, the Educadora association will create a small urban oasis using recycled materials to build containers and pots in which the waste is collected at local markets will be planted. A way of encouraging urban micro-agriculture and enhancing urban green spaces.


Sensory Deprivation and the Environment

The five senses will be the common thread running through the various events organised by the Ideificio Torinese association. Conferences, playful activities and sensory dinners will be organised for each sense, followed by urban horticulture workshops, flash mobs and works of tactical urbanism. Through sensory deprivation, participants will be guided along a path that will allow them to question how society is dealing with environmental issues.


Food Circus

Eco dalle Città, an association that has been committed to fighting food waste for years, will involve the customers of some of the city’s local markets in collecting and distributing unsold food. These moments of sharing will be completed by events and actions to raise awareness on the fight against food waste, on the reduction and proper disposal of urban waste, on the fight against climate change with local perspectives and global visions.


Notti Verdi (Green Night)

The quality and sustainability of food will be the focus of a varied programme that will include concrete actions of urban agriculture and moments of discussion with experts in food production. The Fiesca Verd group will involve citizens in urban agriculture courses aimed at creating a collective garden where days of harvesting produce and community dinners will be organised.



The themes of food waste and food divide will guide the Eufemia association’s initiative: workshops and theatrical performances on the theme of food; Escape Rooms on food and environmental sustainability; evenings of sharing traditional dishes and recipes from different world cuisines; workshops on self-production of food.


Menti in Pasta

Karibu Open Karibu Open will propose a series of events aimed at raising awareness about sustainable food, reducing food waste and the importance of local production. The programme will include debates on the theme of waste and reuse in the kitchen; food recovery activities in local markets; community aperitifs and lunches; and tactical urbanism with temporary street decoration.


L’Eco delle Storie – theatre workshop on critical consumption

Theatre can be a powerful tool for awakening consciences“. It is from this premise that the Associazione Anomalia Teatro will lead young people in theatre improvisation workshops to promote the acquisition of greater awareness of the environmental impact caused by food production and consumption models. The meat industry and packaging will be the central themes around which the activities will be developed.


Food No Waste

Food waste has a major impact on the environmental and social sustainability of the world we live in. Through workshops, the Associazione il Pane e le Rose will train a group of young people on the phenomenon of food waste, on the paradox of food poverty in abundance and on the legislation and good practices with respect to the recovery of surpluses. At the end of the training, the young people will become protagonists in the dissemination of the contents learned through the organisation of workshops and communication campaigns.