Yatapita, a documentary about climate justice in Tanzania - Food Wave

Yatapita, a documentary about climate justice in Tanzania

18 July 2023 - 28 July 2023

Yatapita is a documentary produced by Will Media in collaboration with ActionAid Italia with the support of the Food Wave project.
Shot in Tanzania in July 2023, the documentary is focused on the issue of climate injustice that concerns all of us and is becoming one of the major challenges we are facing today at global level.
Directed by Olga Galati and written by Silvia Lazzaris, Yatapita investigates the story of people and communities who suffer the consequences of the climate crisis despite not being responsible for its causes. And makes us understand the risks of the international relations with the richest countries, that keep failing their promises to act for climate justice.
Through engaging interviews and personal stories, Yatapita introduces us to a courageous young generation, demonstrating us that change is possible, if you  organize and mobilize socially and politically.