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Imagine the grocery of the future: what would it be like?

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on World Food Day

Food Wave launches a collective reflection on the grocery of the future to “design” together a vision for the future of our food systems, in order to make them more just, equitable, sustainable and inclusive.

What do you think the grocery would look like in the future?

Which kind of products do you expect/would like to find?

Food Wave launches a collective reflection on the grocery of the future to “design” together a vision for the future of our food systems, in order to make them more just, equitable, sustainable and inclusive.

These are only some of the questions that could help you write your answer. Write your contribution freely within a max. of 500 characters, your answer will be part of a collective animated video which will be shared on the Food Wave social media!

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    So many ideas, one goal: a new food system

    Here are some of the voices of young activists collected during the first Food Wave Youth Exchange that took place in Almere from 2 to 4 October.

    Discover their idea of future grocery, get inspired and share your thoughts using the form.

    Sadly, in the future supermarkets will be very technological and food will not be so natural. We are seeing how the local markets are disappearing little by little, and the big chains such as Mercadona or Ahorramás are growing in Spain. It is necessary to change this and try to make a more sustainable consumption in which food does not have so many additives and is more natural.

    Lucía, 19


    I believe that in the future, when purchasing items from different countries in a single store, we should try to keep in mind the culture and customs related to the products we purchase. More importantly, we should discover where each item is sourced and become aware of the labour conditions involved in cultivating or producing the items we consume.

    Giulia, 25


    I’d like to find affordable items produced by locals instead of mainstream products. I think that the production and selling process should me more inclusive towards local economy and sustainability, but also cultural and lifestyle differences.

    Carlo, 26


    Packaged food will still be available, as they are a convenience. Hopefully reusable containers will be offered in the shops and plastic will be less promoted. Native plant species will be more accessible and cost-efficient to purchase, however all products will be further selected/mixed to improve shelf life, nutritional value and taste. Meat will become more expensive and local farms will be the go-to for most animal products.

    Anzhela, 29


    With the option to buy in bulk not only fresh produce, but also seeds, cereals, sugar and flour. With dim, noise-free lights that do not encourage you to go fast and stressed. More choice of organic, local and local products.

    Carolina, 39


    I think that, if we continue like this, products in the future will be more and more artificial, with colours that will remind of plastic and awkward sizes. What I would like to find in the future are products like the ones my grandfather cultivates in his hometown.

    Sonia, 28


    • fresh products with origin labelling;
    • a record of the life and death of fish, meat, seafood, eggs, milk, vegetables, etc. in order to evaluate the purchase of some or others;
    • promote responsible purchasing by giving discounts (or applying reduced VAT) on products of more sustainable origin.

    Pilar, 23


    I think groceries in the future will have plant-based products for the great majority. People will have the opportunity to find and try foods that we still don’t eat that much and that are much better for the planet and for our health compared to animal products. The meat will still be present but will mostly be synthetical: better for humans’ health and number 1 solution to climate change.

    Chiara, 33


    • Local produce
    • Most products are sold in bulk or through a deposit system (returning the package back to the store)
    • Affordable and widely recognized and used plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy
    • Meat and dairy are separated in a small section as a “delicatessen”

    Stela, 26


    Humans need to eat plant based. If we stopped eating meat and animal by products the earth would be saved.

    Susanna, 31


    It would be great to see less plastic, more promotion of seasonal veg and transparent, honest health benefits of food should be on show.

    Grace, 24


    Proximity and bulk products, including cleaning products.

    Nerea, 30


    Less plastic, more affordable vegan substitutes to animal products (milk, meat). Clear disclosures about health benefits on food.

    Serena, 23


    I would like everything to be lighter, less wrapping and therefore rubbish, more simple information about the products (even my mother has to understand where it comes from). I would like to be able to buy products from our region to help local farmers. 

    Anneliese, 50


    I think the grocery store of the future should be more sustainable and accessible to people all around the world.

    Iancu, 18


    I think the supermarket of the future needs to be inclusive with different cultures, in contact with local producers and no packaging!

    Sara, 28


    The grocery of the future should be all about transparency and community.

    Neda, 23


    I imagine the grocery of the future to be in the reach of my own home: sustainable, healthy and accessible to all the citizens.

    Matej, 31


    The grocery store of the future should be diverse, inclusive and accessible.

    Mark, 30


    For me the grocery store of the future need to be hyperlocal: all the items that you can get in the store are from around the area.

    Ishu, 31


    The grocery of the future needs to be way more respectful for people and the environment in all the steps of the food supply chain from the growners to the final customers

    Francesco, 26


    I imagine the future grocery shops will have greenhouses inside.

    Evangelia, 25


    I imagine a future where there are always seasonal fruit and vegetables. A future where every fruit and vegetable is grown in its place of origin, avoiding intensive agriculture and favouring local production. A future where fruit and vegetables are not a luxury good, but an easy and cheap food to eat, for everyone.

    Debora, 30


    I think (and hope) that in the future there is a seasonal and daily grocery system without mass consumption and production. Fruits and vegetables will be only seasonal, and meat and fish will appear only once a week or when there is availability. There will be international laws to mandate how far away stores can buy fresh produce so that everything is local. An official government app will help you keep track of availability and consumption so that everyone is happy and have the same.

    Jacopo, 30


    I would like the grocery of the future to sell only garden, organic and seasonal products. Products without plastic packaging and chemical treatment.

    Dolores, 28


    Desde Norte Joven nos gustaría que en los supermercados del futuro:
    • no se usen plásticos para envasar los productos
    • tengan más verdura disponible para disminuir el consumo de carne
    • nos ofrezcan productos de proximidad para disminuir la contaminación que supone su transporte

    Norte Joven, 35


    I would like to find organic products, produced in an environmentally friendly way. They should be seasonal and can be bought directly from the producers.

    Eurídice, 61


    I would love to find ecologic food at affordable prices. No more unuseful plastic or unsustainable packaging. I would like to find traditional (or new) recipies associated to the local fruits and vegetables (and why not? A person to show how to cook them). Compulsory donations of unsold (and good) food at the end of the day, instead of throwing it away.

    Simona, 41


    I hope the grocery store in the future has lots of fresh food, a huge selection on 0Km or local products, and a majority of items in bulk (without cointainers). I hope the levels in the products will be easier to understand and compare.

    Laura, 33


    I think the grocery in the future will be more and more based on local and seasonal food. I hope to see much more bulk vegetables and fruits, without plastic packaging. The offer of vegan food will increase and will replace animal-based proteins. The price of meat and fish is going to increase to take into account its environmental impact. I hope people will be more conscious about the connection between food policies and climate change in order to take responsible food choices.

    Cristina, 25