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World Environment Day: Food Wave is calling!

5 June 2021 | 16:50 - 18:00

Saturday 5 June, we celebrate World Environment Day, the initiative that aims to raise awareness about the sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection. The 2021 edition is dedicated to the ecosystems’ restoration. “Reimagine, recreate, restore” are the key words the UN chose to focus the attention of investors, businesses, governments and communities on the increasingly urgent need to protect and ensure a future for the Earth’s ecosystems.

What can we do to prevent, stop and reverse the damage inflicted on the environment through our food choices?

Food Wave is bringing together all its partners and Ambassadors to share their commitment to preserve the environment through a live streaming event. Together we will explore all the actions, projects and opportunities developed by our network and show how a sustainable food diet can make a difference for the planet!

???? Follow the live stream on this page! Join us on Saturday 5 June at 17:00 CET