Workshops on sustainable food consumption - Food Wave

Workshops on sustainable food consumption

12 June 2021 - 20 June 2021
ActionAid Hellas

Meet the speakers

Natasa Spinthouraki

environment education teacher

Natasa Spinthouraki is a kindergarten teacher based in Athens. She is teaching environment education in nature and most of the activities aim at issues related to waste reduction and climate change. She loves re – creating games for children from nature materials and food waste products turning them into something new , helping the planet in the same time.

Katerina Panagiotou

founder of re<>direct project

Katerina Panagiotou is the co-founder of re<>direct project, a project dedicated to addressing the food waste issue in Athens, with both cultural and educational approaches. During re<>direct, she was also involved in the social aspect of food waste by co-producing the first medium length documentary about the food waste issue in Athens, “Remains”. During the last 7 years she hasinstructed, created and coordinated numerous children’s workshops on environmental sustainability and the reduce-reuse-recycle principal, focusing on waste management and its’ environmental impact.

Christos Karystinos


Christos Karystinos is animator and educator of non-formal education on sustainability and participation. He is an experienced permaculture trainer with a certificate on designing permaculture activities. He is training on the organisational method of Sociocracy in the Ιnstitute of Facilitation in Spain. Ηe has worked at the Urban Garden of Halandri on the conservation of traditional seeds, seasonal agriculture and management of water supplies. He has also worked for the Network for Theatre in the Education, UNCHR, Αntirropon NGO, Creative Youthland and Sunseed Desert Technology. He specialises in social permaculture and the distribution of its values: care for human and fare sharing.

Evangelia Kagiali

founder of Self Sufficiency Class

Evangelia Kagiali is an agriculturalist, environmental consultant and founder of Self Sufficiency Class, a non-formal school for self sufficiency. She is working as an specialised consultant and trainer on agricultural farming, herbs and collecting of wild food and raw materials. Since 2017 she has designed and implemented hands-on workshops for The Bee Camp, Urban Gardeners Republic, Tsougrana, Antemisaris ΑΕ among others. She organised and participates in voluntary actions for the environment and the urban sustainability. Lately she specialises in the science and ethics of food, especially concerning the management of ecosystems and social and finacial inequity.


About ActionAid Hellas

ActionAid is an independent international civil society organization, fighting poverty and injustice in Greece and all over the world. Since 1972 it has been training people and supporting their communities, so that they can claim a life of dignity and a fairer world for all. In Greece it started with the Child Sponsorship program, in 2000 it launched its educational programme and from 2014 onwards it has also been supporting vulnerable people who live in Greece.