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The Future of Food – Malmö Festival

18 August 2022 | 14:00 - 19:30
City of Malmö

The environment department of the city of Malmö is holding a half day event during Malmö Festival, which is an 8 day free event for the citizens of Malmö and surrounding area with a focus on music and good food. The theme for the stage where the environment department will hold an event is “the future of food ” (Framtidens mat). Linda Dahl will act as compere and host discussions with the different guests on the stage. Filip Poon will hold a cookery demonstration where he will prepare a dish with sustainably farmed fish produced by Gårdsfisk. Julia Tuvesson will hold a cookery demonstration using locally produced beans and pulses and talk about the importance of these important sources of plant based proteins both in history and in the future.


About City of Malmö

With the Food Wave project we want to improve the eating habits of young people in Malmö. We will inform and inspire young people to eat better for the sake of the environment, climate and health. The work of the project will contribute to making Malmö a more sustainable city.


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