School of activism - Food Wave

School of activism

7 June 2021 - 23 July 2021
Wcycle Institute of Maribor

The activism school in Maribor will address young people between 18 and 35. In education. The participants will receive a theoretical introduction on food and climate followed by a practical part that is going to take place in the city garden. With the knowledge acquired, young people will be able to contribute to the fight against climate change and advocate for a more sustainable food system.

Meet the speakers

Janja Viher

Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Andreja Kuhar


Katja Sreš

Ecologists Without Borders Association a non-profit environmentalist organization

Metka Ternjak Gomboc

Marjeta Ternjak Gomboc s.p.

Igor Kos

Wcycle Institute Maribor

Andrej Dover

Wcycle Institute Maribor

Mojca Polak

Head of MIC Academy of Culinary Arts and Tourism at Vocational college of hospitality and tourism Maribor

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