School of Activism: "Food, Climate and City" - second edition - Food Wave

School of Activism: “Food, Climate and City” – second edition

5 June 2021 - 23 July 2021
Mani Tese

A capacity building process aimed at young activists aged between 20 and 30 who wish to deepen the relationships between food systems, cities and global warming. Through the comparison with experts, scientists, communicators and creatives, the group will develop the ability to make social communication and to dialogue with local institutions on environmental and food issues. The school adopts an experiential training approach (learning by doing) with peer to peer exchanges and workshops that will allow you to immediately apply the knowledge and skills acquired to concrete cases.

Meet the speakers

Stefano Liberti

Journalist and filmmaker

“It is the greatest denial of our times. Italy is a climate hotspot, a place where the effects of global warming are more evident than elsewhere. Yet it is the European country where it is less talked about.”

Ottavia Pieretto

Slow Food Youth Network

“Food has a pivotal role in the climate crisis: a radical shift of our food systems is needed to tackle it.”

Giosuè De Salvo

Mani Tese

“Developing the transformative potential of Agroecology means taking power away from those who exercise it in a brazen way today, and this cannot happen without a mass mobilization from below.”



About Mani Tese

Mani Tese is a Non-Governmental Organization that has been fighting to achieve social, economic and environmental justice around the world for over 50 years. Mani Tese operates in Africa, Asia and Latin America, with projects for international cooperation to develop an independent and sustainable economy together with local communities. In Italy, thanks to thousands of active volunteers, they promote projects, volunteering camps and a lifestyle based on solidarity and sustainability.


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