Muhammad Yunus and Food Wave at the CinemAmbiente 2023 International Festival - Food Wave

Muhammad Yunus and Food Wave at the CinemAmbiente 2023 International Festival

11 June 2023 | 12:00 - 22:00
City of Turin

“We will save this planet, we will create a better planet for everyone and, remember, it all started in Turin” (Prof. Yunus at the Global Social Business Summit 2022, Turin).
Muhammad Yunus, the Bengali economist and banker, creator and implementer of modern microcredit and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2006, will return to Turin on 11 June 2023 as part of the actions accompanying the certification of Turin as a Social Business City, a process that began with the Global Business Summit, held in Turin on 7-8 November 2022, and which involves numerous territorial partners. Nobel’s day in Turin includes the following moments at the 26th edition of the CinemAmbiente international festival:


12:00 p.m. at SERMIG – Arsenale della Pace: “Pranzo dei Popoli”, initiative to raise awareness among young people about the consequences of economic inequalities in the world through food, and Talk with Prof. Yunus on the topic of Social Business Cities

6.30 p.m. at the Mole Antonelliana: Prof. Yunus will take part in the festival’s award ceremony during which the full video recounting the experiences of the Turin youth associations will be screened. A sustainable aperitif will be prepared as part of this initiative.

8:30 p.m. at Cinema Massimo: Talk by Prof. Yunus about his three-zero world vision (zero poverty, zero unemployment and zero emissions)


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