School of activism: "The climate crisis is cooked day-to-day" - Food Wave

School of activism: “The climate crisis is cooked day-to-day”

10 April 2021 - 25 April 2021
Alianza por la Solidaridad

Within the framework of the European Food Wave project, Alianza por la Solidaridad and Grigri Projects are proposing a training program in six sessions, a space to share tools, experiences, and methodologies that allow young people to become agents of change in the fight against climate change from the crisis of our food system.


Meet the speakers

Laura Villadiego

Carro de Combate

Laura Villadiego is a journalism and political science graduate. After studying in Paris and working in Spain and Brussels, she moved to Cambodia where she spent two and a half years contributing to a range of media outlets such as EFE, Público and Foreign Policy. She now lives in Thailand, from where she covers south-east Asia. She is co-editor of the Carro de Combate blog, an independent journalism project that investigates the origin of everyday products and their main social and environmental impacts with the aim of promoting consumer awareness.

Serigne Mbaye

El Fogón Verde, Sindicato de Manteros de Madrid

Serigne Mbaye is chef at the restaurant El Fogòn Verd (The green stove), a cooperative where all the suppliers are local eco-friendly initiatives and in which employees can also become the owners of the place. A company where every decision is deliberated in assemblies and where salaries were decent and equal.

Serigne is going to give a speech about migration and environmental conflicts.

Patricia Horrillo


Expert in communication and social networks, Patricia Horrillo uses a multidisciplinary background to carry out collaborative projects in multiple fields. Very interested in social and cultural movements, since 2015 she coordinates Wikiesfera at Medialab-Prado in Madrid, a space where she reflects on collective writing, the documentation of History and the generation and dynamization of online and offline communities.

In the framework of the school, Patricia is going to coordinate a Wikipedia “edit-a-thon” oriented to improve and increase the content related to the socio-environmental conflicts of the Global South and the role of women in the defense of rights

Sagrario Monedero

Ecologistas en Acción

Sagrario is an activist and campaigner from Ecologistas en Acciòn. In the framework of the school she is going to give an overview about the socio-environmental conflicts that generate greater social mobilization today in Spain.


About Alianza por la Solidaridad

Alianza por la Solidaridad is a civil society organisation that promotes initiatives and social participation and civil dialogue to face from a local perspective the global challenges implied in the defence of Human Rights, especially women’s and migrants rights, participation rights, enabling environment, the right to a healthy environment and food, access to clean water and the rights of vulnerable populations in humanitarian emergencies and conflicts in 12 countries of Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Europe.