Food Wave Picnic in Brasov - Food Wave

Food Wave Picnic in Brasov

9 September 2023 |
Metropolitan Agency of Brașov

For two days, Titulescu Park becomes a gastronomic holiday destination. We gather friends, families, kids, grandparents, puppies and celebrate nature, eat good, local and learn about a sustainable food system.

This event is organised as part of The Green Cities Forum – the largest core event in Romania dedicated to environmental sustainability, winner of the Clean Environment Awards Gala (2021) and awarded the Silver trophy for environmental campaigns at the Romanian PR Award (2022).


About Metropolitan Agency of Brașov

Brașov Metropolitan Agency emerged in 2006 from the desire for cooperation between Brașov City Hall, the county council and the town halls in the area. In 2007 it became an Intercommunity Development Association and currently we have 18 members: the municipality, the county council and 16 other mayoralties, which together form the Brașov metropolitan area. Our goal is to facilitate cooperation between member communities, for the sustainable, economic, social and cultural development of the area. To achieve this goal, we develop various actions and projects, independently or in partnership. This is also the case of the Food Wave - Empowering Urban Youth for Climate Action project.


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