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Food Wave in action: youth participation in food policies

18 April 2023 | 15:00 - 18:00

Within the Food Wave project, ACRA will be hosting the second international forum between activists, associations, educators and other relevant stakeholders titled “Food Wave in action: youth participation in food policies”. The event will be organized around five forms of innovative youth participation (as according to the Council of Europe), which will be linked to local food policies through key speakers and stakeholders: Youth councils, youth parliaments, youth boards and other formal structures; Co-management and co-production; Deliberative youth participation; Youth activism and protest; Young people’s digital participation.

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Meet the speakers

Jane Houldsworth

Deputy Director at the Manchester Climate Change Agency

“More and more young people are joining the movement for positive climate action and are demanding a role in the decision-making processes that impact them. The responsibility for enabling this sits with those in power, who need to find opportunities for young people to participate as equals.”

Bianca Minotti

EStà, PhD Expert in food system policy and governance

“The involvement of young people is critical for the imminent ecological, economic and social transition. Informed young citizens can play an active role in defining development priorities. They need the best learning tools to be ambassadors to adults of the urgent need to make urban food systems greener, fairer, and more inclusive. The more informed they are, the more they can help collective efforts, be testimonials of the new eating patterns and lead the change.”

Francesca La Rocca

EStà, Social designer

“The climate issue constitutes a starting point which is both specific and broad, radical but for everybody. Current youth activism shows that the climate issue requires the intertwining of scientific knowledge and direct action, with the creation of socially shared meanings”



About ACRA

ACRA is a non-governmental, secular and independent organization, founded in Milan in 1968. For 50 years it has been working to fight poverty through sustainable, innovative, and participatory solutions, to foster sustainable development and global citizenship. ACRA works along with local communities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to ensure access to the rights of food, water, education, energy, and environment protection. In Europe and Italy ACRA promotes a culture of peace, dialogue and integration, cultural exchange, and solidarity. It promotes educational activities for schools, sustainable agricultural models and consumption practices.


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