Food Wave in action: enhancing the impact of youth climate activism - Food Wave

Food Wave in action: enhancing the impact of youth climate activism

23 October 2021 | 10:00 - 13:00

The online forum represents a space for discussion on the role of youth in urban, environmental policy-making. It aims at building a positive discourse around youth activism, introducing best practices at European level and facilitating the exchange between activists from different countries. Participants with various background and experience will have the chance to meet with international networks of policy makers and discuss on the topics of social economy, human rights to water, food and work, education for climate justice and sustainable food systems.

Are you interested in participating? You can send an email to

Deadline for submissions: 17 October


Meet the speakers

Pieretto Ottavia

Slow Food Youth Network Italy

“For a diet and a society free from blood and slavery of the agricultural fields.”

Gătejel Ana-Maria

Conscious Kitchen

“Fill bellies not bins!”

Primucci Davide

Sow The City

“We believe in the great potential for urban food production to not only provide food but to also deliver social, cultural, health, and environmental benefits.”

Cardial Inês

Serve the City

“We know them by their needs. What if we knew them by name?”

Lopes Inês


“We promote health literacy and equity, through the implementation of programs in schools and community context”

Ciolan Adrian

Tartufo - Truffles from Transylvania

“The change for a better world lays in each of us: from a careful producer to a responsable consumer”



About ACRA

ACRA is a non-governmental, secular and independent organization, founded in Milan in 1968. For 50 years it has been working to fight poverty through sustainable, innovative, and participatory solutions, to foster sustainable development and global citizenship. ACRA works along with local communities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to ensure access to the rights of food, water, education, energy, and environment protection. In Europe and Italy ACRA promotes a culture of peace, dialogue and integration, cultural exchange, and solidarity. It promotes educational activities for schools, sustainable agricultural models and consumption practices.