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Food & Climate Shapers Boot Camp Pollica

6 September 2021 | 09:19 - 12 September 2021 | 09:19
Pollica (SA)
Future Food Institute

Advanced learning programme in partnership with FAO, recently awarded in Washington for the innovation in the teaching formula, and based on ecosystemic and prosperity thinking. Climate Shapers, key figures in the food chain and in generating positive climate impacts, will study the regenerative vitality of the Mediterranean Diet, of which Pollica is the capital, focusing on human and planetary health through the regeneration of agricultural ecosystems and seas, as well as through sustainable finance. The Boot Camp has been included in the program “All4Climate – Italy2021″, which is the official calendar of events of the Italian Ministry for Ecological Transition.

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"Future Food Institute (FFI) is an Italian-based non-profit with global horizons that aims to build a more equitable world through enlightening a world-class breed of innovators, boosting entrepreneurial potential, and improving agri-food expertise and tradition. FFI is a global ecosystem that has at its core the Institute – a center of excellence for food intelligence and a training platform for change-makers, Climate Shapers, and future leaders in the food innovation ecosystem, with a strong focus on empowering youth. Combined with the Living Labs, FFI is accelerating transformational innovations revolutionizing the food ecosystem unleashing the regenerative power of food."