Flevo Campus Live - Food Wave

Flevo Campus Live

4 December 2020 |
City of Almere

Flevo Campus Live is an annual event in Almere dedicated to young changemakers involved in a sustainable and healthy urban food system. In 2020 the event is organized online in the framework of Food Wave and features a morning co-creating session and a public launch in the afternoon, involving a wider audience. In between the morning program and the afternoon lunch, the participants will be able to participate in an online live cooking show with chef Nadia Zerouali.


About City of Almere

Almere is the second largest city in the Amsterdam Area. Located in the province of Flevoland,  Almere was built on land that was reclaimed from the sea in a feat of Dutch engineering. Now, more than 40 years later the area has been developed into well-planned residential areas with parks, lakes, modern infrastructure and excellent transport connections. Almere has 211,704 inhabitants (January, 2020). The municipality of Almere comprises the city districts Almere Stad, Almere Haven, Almere Buiten, Almere Hout and Almere Poort.