El poder de tu plato: desmontando mitos sobre la alimentación - Food Wave

El poder de tu plato: desmontando mitos sobre la alimentación

10 March 2022 | 16:30 - 18:30
Madrid, online
City of Madrid

A webinar on sustainable food promoted by the Municipality of Madrid in the framework of the European project Food Wave. The objective of the webinar is to dismantle the most common “myths” on sustainable food production, distribution and consumption and understand together how to get correct and complete information. Through interviews, videos and their personal experiences, the speakers involved will share their expert knowledge and invite the audience, especially young university students, to get informed and more involved.

In collaboration with ItdUPM: the Center for Innovation in Technology for Development is an interdisciplinary center of the Polytechnic University of Madrid that integrates researchers, professors and students to address the Sustainable Development Goals. It works in collaboration with experts in various fields, companies, civil society organizations and the public administration (Municipality of Madrid) to address complex problems related to sustainability and co-create practical solutions. 



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