CRO.ST.A - Corvetto e la sostenibilità alimentare - Food Wave

CRO.ST.A – Corvetto e la sostenibilità alimentare

6 June 2023 | 16:30 - 20:00
Terzo Paesaggio

A choral day dedicated to bread and food sustainability. The event will start with an artisan breadmaking workshop taught by Denise Di Summa from Madre Project. As the bread rises, bread chain protagonists and activists will investigate how marginal the suburbs are in relation to sustainable development megatrends. Diletta Bellotti (activist), Federica Scio (Davide Longoni Bakery), Aurora Zancanaro (Le Polveri) and Denise Di Summa (Madre Project) along with Francesco Paolo Savatteri from Scomodo will participate in the talk. Once the cooking is over, there will be drinking and dancing with a DJ set curated by Marino.


About Terzo Paesaggio

Terzo Paesaggio is a Milan-based nonprofit organization founded in 2015 by an interdisciplinary group of professionals gathered around the idea of landscape as a field of relationship. It curates and realizes culturally-based urban regeneration projects for marginal areas, working with artists, curators, artisans, architects and technicians, placed in dialogue with local residents and networks. Terzo Paesaggio conducts a pilot project in Chiaravalle, Milan, where it manages the hybrid regenerated cultural hub Padiglione Chiaravalle. It is also co-founder of Lo Stato dei Luoghi, the first national network of activators of regenerated spaces and places. It operates in Lombardy, where it promotes "MadreProject, School of Bread and Places" with Avanzi SPa and Davide Longoni, but develops and collaborates on urban regeneration projects elsewhere in Lombardy and Italy.