Come viaggiano i semi? - Food Wave

Come viaggiano i semi?

29 June 2023 | 18:00 - 20:00
Genealogie del Futuro

How do seeds move? is the question that will guide the conversation with artist and anthropologist Leone Contini and philosopher Andrea Borghini, director of Culinary Mind. The dialogue will trace a history of the encounters, hybridisations and memories that make up a collective identity.


About Genealogie del Futuro

The no profit cultural association Genealogie del Futuro is a space of intersection of artistic and curatorial practices, an inclusive platform for debate and shared growth. It promotes and realizes artistic, cultural, intellectuals, educational activities while paying particular attention to the collaborative and horizontal dimension of study and research. Over time, it developed an interest in the formats of the workshop and the public program, thanks to which it activates moments of exchange of knowledge and heterogeneous practices through collective learning methods. Through processes of interaction, listening and care, the association reflects on socio-political, cultural and environmental urgencies in synergy with similar realities of the territory in which it operates. As a nomadic association, Genealogie del Futuro promotes a critical investigation on the conception of contemporary living, conceiving it as an instrument of knowledge, coexistence and active intergenerational participation. With a view to community building, Genealogie del Futuro invites the public to generate eccentric and interdisciplinary visions for a possible future through experimentation within contemporary visual cultures.