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Cocoa a circular commodity

7 September 2022 | 10:00 - 9 September 2022 | 18:00
City of Bruges

The city of Bruges has a global partnership with Ebolowa, a city in the South of Cameroon. The essence of a global partnership is that both local authorities, together with external partners, exchange knowledge and experience on topics that are important to both cities. In September 2022 the city of Bruges visited Ebolowa with central theme: cocoa a circular comodity, sustainable cocoa production and transformation in Ebolowa. Next to field visits to cocoaproducers, there was capacity building on the chocolate making process & an exchange between young dynamic students from the local agricultural school (Collège Régional d’Agriculture d’Ebolowa) and experienced dynamic chocolatiers. Thanks to the Foodwave project, we had the opportunity to link the existing partnership between agricultural schools of Ebolowa & Nantes with the hotel & bakeryschool Ter Groene Poorte of Bruges.


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