Climate justice and activism: in Senegal with Florenciafacose - Food Wave

Climate justice and activism: in Senegal with Florenciafacose

5 November 2022 - 12 November 2022

We travelled to Senegal, to the Saloum delta area on Maya Island. With the help of content creator and radio host Florencia Di Stefano-Abichain (@florenciafacose), we collected the testimonies of women and young activists, who have chosen to mobilise for climate justice, committing themselves every day to finding answers and concrete solutions.

The impacts of climate change on Senegal are evident and disastrous: the increasing salinisation of the soil and rising sea levels, droughts and floods threaten the environment and biodiversity, but above all affect the lives of communities and people who are increasingly forced to abandon villages and land because of climate-related instabilities. What role can young people play in the fight against climate change? What are the solutions to respond to this global challenge?

Pictures by Alberto Martin – @Kilofilmetro

“I am glad to have had the opportunity to listen closely to the stories of communities, women’s networks, and youth groups that are experiencing with concern – but also with lucidity and propulsive drive – the impact of climate change in a predominantly agricultural part of the world. Gathering and disseminating their demands, together with those of young people in Europe, is useful to broaden our view and finally act as a global community.”

Florencia Di Stefano-Abichain


A journey through words

Listen to the special episode of Onde Road hosted by Florencia Abichain-Di Stefano, aired on Sunday 18 December live on Radio Popolare