Chiacchiere da mercato - Food Wave

Chiacchiere da mercato

6 May 2023 | 15:30 - 1 July 2023

The event will be an inclusive and horizontal dialogue in which Recup, together with Riccardo Rizzetto, we will discuss some salient topics connected to “climate issue”, e.g. the relationship between the city and the environment. With us, there will be participants who will be involved in the conversation with hints, doubts or questions. The meeting will also be held in the markets where Recup carries out its recovery and redistribution of unsold food.



About Recup

Recup’s motto is: "Food that loses economic value, gains social value". We actively work against food waste through participatory and inclusive actions in the street markets of Milan and Rome, where everyone who helps during the recovery and selection process of unsold fruit and vegetables is entitled to receive a portion of what has been “saved”, obviously with the utmost respect for others and their needs. Moreover, Recup raises awareness on issues relating to food and sustainability by taking part and organizing events.