Buoni come il Pane! - Food Wave

Buoni come il Pane!

27 October 2023 | 20:00 - 22:30
City of Turin

Dinner under the stars in collaboration with Eco dalle Città and AICS – Turin Provincial Committee. A special dinner in the open air, in the equipped area of the most popular of Turin’s ancient villages, under the banner of combating food waste: the different types of Mediterranean breads will be prepared on the day and then seasoned with delicious preparations, in part coming from the recovery of food surpluses carried out by the Sentinelle Salvacibo (Food Saving Sentinels) of the Eco dalle Città association.

Location: Giardino Pellegrino (Piazza Borgo Dora, 0)

The event is held as part of the ‘Venti Mediterranei’ initiative



About City of Turin

Torino looks to the future believing that the path undertaken in previous years, together with the dense programme of actions underway, will allow the city to carry out an extremely significant urban transformation, but also a perhaps even more profound identity transition towards a Sustainable and Resilient city.


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