Award ceremony of the meme and caricature contest - Food Wave

Award ceremony of the meme and caricature contest

9 June 2023 | 15:30 - 17:30
Municipality of Pest County

Look at the “Sorry, you’re eating this?” competition!

The competition, launched by the Municipality of Pest, awarded the best 15 works of memes and caricatures on ‘food and sustainability’. A special jury and online voting selected the winners.


About Municipality of Pest County

The Municipality of Pest County was established in 1990 under the Local Government Act. Its primary objective is to execute the tasks mandated by law. The municipality boasts experience in stakeholder engagement, community building, and participatory design for sustainable development. It funds the Platform for Climate in Pest County and acts as a project partner in initiatives such as INTERREG Danube - DANUrB and INTERREG Danube - DANUrB+: valorisation of heritage, revival of shrinking communities, urban and rural spaces, as well as DEAR - Food Wave.


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